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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 30, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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. this is totally unacceptable. live this is caron 4 news kron4
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news at -- kron4 news at 8:00. a woman is in critical condition and was badly beaten and it was located on the border of el cerrito. >> reporter: richmond police say she was attacked right here in this parking lot. i do want to swing you right over here and take you to this back corner. the manager tells me all of a sudden he notice add woman in this back area if you could see these tires, that is where he found the victim and he has never seen anybody so badly beaten. >> her eyes were swollen shut, she was badly bruised and pretty beat up. >> reporter: he called 911 when
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he found an 80-year-old woman by these tires. >> she was like around here but on her knees facing the wall this way. >> reporter: he was opening up e the shop and at first glance he thought she was homeless and when i got closer i noticed she was covered in blood. there were bloodstains everywhere. >> reporter: they say she was attacked in this parking lot and is now in critical condition. it was between 4:00 and 9:00 a.m. during her routine walk. >> was she sexually assaulted? >> we are still waiting to see the reports to determine if this was a sexual assault. wpmc still investigating. >> how could you attack an 80- liz, it is like a -- defenseless, it is like
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attacking a child. >> reporter: they have warnings outside the building and also they have increased security warning residents of the attack. now the manager said he will put up lights and also install surveillance cameras. live in richmond, kron4 news. more police officers on the streets during the weekend hours. that is the message coming from the mayor of walnut creek. mario bust bust who you -- bust manty were two people who were assaulted and these two were believed to have assaulted two others. here is more on how walnut creek plans on dealing with this problem. >> there are people coming out d of certain establishments and they have had too much to
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drink, they have been overserved. >> reporter: because of that they will be walking the streets of walnut creek this weekend. >> suffice to say it will put a large dent into the issues we are having. >> reporter: the think the -- i think the safety of the community is more significant in dollars spend. >> as the bars were closing, a fight broke out directly above the restaurant. they found a semiconscious victim bleeding from the head. soon a fight broke out in a cinco didn't mio restaurant. >> reporter: we have no intention of violate willing anybody's rights and we will be professional and act properly and it does not mean we will not hold people and businesses who break the law accountability. >> reporter: the city is passing an ordinance that will crackdown on problemmed bars or bars that over serve, something they believe is cf'@ problem here but it is an
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ordinance that would not go into effect for another couple of months. reporting live, kron4 news. new information on the sheriff ross mirkarimi, she is isolated and he kept her silent, kept her from telling anybody and kept her behind closed doors. that comes from emotion, arguing from his wife, who you see should be allowed as evidence in the sheriff's trial on misdemeanor charges. the conversation he had with the neighbor about the abuse, it alleges while mirkarimi was shower roughly 18 hours after he bruised his wife's arm during an argument. the defense attorney calls this latest allegation absurd. they plan on inn stalling
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new parking meters and it is meeting strong opposition. upset residents are talking about these proposed changes. kate thompson joins us live with the latest, kate? >> reporter: well, pam, we are talking about 5,000 new parking meters in petrerro hill and dog pack and people are angry because the main issue is that the city is putting parking meters in front of their home. now we can show you some video where parking meters will be put in mission bay. there are a lot of people who have spoken out against this plan and they don't understand why they are insisting on their house. petrerro hill and dog pack, there is some confusion as to whether or not parking meters should be put in these streets. but a lot of people are angry because they feel parking in
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front of their home is being eaten up. >> let's compromise here and put some meters in maybe where they work and where they are needed, but otherwise get resident parking permits just as they do everywhere else in the city. >> so there are several city counsel people, more than 100 people and right now they are giving their comments to the "t," s . and they -- to the tsa and they are hoping there will be more dialog on how this plan will or will not be changed. a major cleanup effort in oakland today after this. you can see the video on your screen, protesters broke into
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today kron4 news talked with mayor jean quan about these protests. >> i think it is centrally located and you focus on the didn't tracing and i have given -- demonstration and i am grateful you have not given them as much publicity and maybe this sparked the latest actions this weekend but this last group is a splinter group which has sort of taken over the name occupied oakland. they called people on their internet and said don't come if you want to try to keep peace between the demonstrators and police. bx
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and the police were being unreasonable, you have to look at the pictures of them throwing bottles and trying to almost provoke the police again and again and again. this group was very clear on what they wanted to do and there is no excuse for breaking into city hall and destroying historical exhibits. there is no excuse for taking over the ymca and they have to stop using oakland as their playground. continuing of occupied protest, we hear from city council members on how this was handled and we will hear about tactics to prevent similar accidents in the future. that is coming up. and pretty good visibility right now, we are seeing fog closer to the coastline. i will have details on that plus c%j[qokj3 everyone, it's $37 a piece.
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. a couple killed outside of their own home, on it their own son is accused of the murders. tonight their friends are mourning their deaths. their bodies were found inside of a car on friday night. their adopted son is now under arrest and suspected of their killings. as police work out what happened, kron4 news has more. >> they were the kindest most sensitive people i have ever met. >> reporter: he works as a physician assistant treating the homeless at this clinic. >> she was always grounded willing to help and more incredibly she had an incredible rapport with the people we serve here. >> reporter: he said she helped him get off drugs. >> you know she has been a very important part of the reason i am still alive and when i heard
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the news this morning, i was hurt, it is like a loss, you know. >> it is one of those things that is impossible to wrap your arms around. >> reporter: bob's co-workers are having trouble with the loss of their friend and colleague. he worked as a psychologist treating servicemen and inmates. >> they were both dedicated to working with people who were underserved and under privileged and they were éwmake the world a á6vobgeagk/$% better place and the world is a sadder place with them both gone. >> reporter: a reward is being offered to help catch the city's first homicide of the year. the man you see here was killed last thursday near shannon and ashley avenue. police do not believe the shooting was random. now a $17,000 reward is being
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offered to help catch the killer. visibility is reduced at half-moon bay where fog is going steady afternoon. fog once again and cooler temperatures for tomorrow. i will have details coming up.
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. santa clara county, one in
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four children ride their bikes to school and they are trying to do something about it because dozens of schools are holding what is called walk about. they want to implement truly safe walking and riding bike tx here is more of what they are looking for. >> reporter: i tagged along with this group of volunteers washington elementary armed with clip boards and dozens of volunteers fanned out in all directions after school was let out on monday. they are trying to identify and eliminate gang activity and graffiti. one suggested changes in the speed limit and another volunteer pointed out cracked and broken sidewalks and fences said. this liquor store is too close to the school commented one parent and another called for more crossing guards like this
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one. right now the washington kids who do not get picked up or take the bus are escorted by their parents but they are hoping the schools can make enough changes to ensure a truly safe route to school. getting kids active through walking and biking will not only improve their academic performance but will improve their health and fight childhood obesity. kron4 news. >> but many parents don't want their children biking or walking for various reasons and they have a few ideas to solve those initiatives too. w%x4r7mf they direction, what if we made it a formal walking school bus and we had parents set up days where one parent does one day and other parents do different
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days. if one adult is with that group of kids i would likely let my child walk to school as well. >> other safe routes will be implemented over the next two tracker radar, we have seen a mix of cloud cover and sun breaks. as we head into tomorrow, we can see a real broken pattern as one storm passes to the north and another approaches. let's take a look at it from a glance. here is a picture of cloud cover and a little bit of sun. as we head to tomorrow, we will have clouds and fog temperatures in the 40s and by noon, cloudy in a number of places. some clearing down in the south bay and temperatures will be th area. it puts the fog well inland and
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some of this will be cloud cover as well. it will be fog close to the ]wuróll be fog close to the far away from the coastline. you see clouds lingering by the peninsular and it will not move back too far but it will move back to the east bay for tomorrow afternoon. we will have more on temperatures coming up in just a bit. now time for the kron4 news tech report. facebook will start requiring people to switch to the profile format taking photos, links from the past much easier to find. it is a scrap book of your whole life on facebook compared to a snapshot with the traditional page. once activated they replace the current profile. some people switched to timeline an originally it was not mandatory but we all know users will have to switch to timeline within a couple of
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weeks. facebook will contact you through your profile and tell you to do the change. they may shake up the news time. if you find certain things missing that you want >x,t checking this out. step by step directions on how to get back the most complained about features that timeline took away, for a direct link look for my tech page. and sky lands adventure video games for the wiis by activism. you can go directly into the game by using a mystical portal of power. go to facebook page, like me and look for the sweeps steaks tab on the left side. gabe bñv coming up later in the broadcast, we will interview
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with the new head coach dennis allen, not a bad guy.
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. several at keizer hospital are said to walk off the job tomorrow. union members were making signs and loading supplies on to trucks. they say they are protesting proposed cuts and charles clifford has details. nurse's association prepared for a one day strike against keizer hospitals in northern california. this is assist think strike to show -- a sympathy strike to show support for healthcare workers who are currently in contract negotiations for keizer. keizer wants to make cuts for retirement benefits for members. >> this is a strike and it is about keizer still making
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millions of dollars as a non- &ã money with the patients. they released a statement i4 affected. we are prepared for this work stoppage and we will continue to provide high quality healthcare from a fully staffed team. the nurse's association has planned two rallies for noon on thursday one at the kaiser hospital in south sacramento. kron4 news. we can make sure there is a price to pay for that insanity and certainly we ought to make them pay that price. >> oakland city leaders are running out of patients, how they are planning on cracking down on future protests and there were other emergency calls which went unanswered because of saturday's chaos.
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glass. the cost of the weekend is still not known and a day of clashes increased in violence as the sun went down. here is more. [crowd noise] >> reporter: this armature video shows the protester's view as police moved in on them saturday. they had their own shield marked and not everyone on their side was bottles and rocks reigned down on police -- rained down on police. they did not disburse and about 40 people broke into the ymca on broadway. police broke in and arrested 40 people and the situation in oakland city hall was about to get worse. somebody with a crowbar forced open the door. they found an american flag and burned it. pro testifieders damaged an pro testifieders damaged an electrical box and
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the lobby. the vandalism went on passed midnight and by the time it was over 400 people had been arrested. several protesters were wounded. kron4 news. as we have seen what often begins as a peaceful protest that generates into vandalism, they spoke to members of oakland city council to find out what else the city can do to prevent a repeat. >> we have allowed them to chase them around all over the place, blocking the street blocking the port... >> reporter: he says the city is to blame for some of the destruction for being too tolerant with protesters and he said going forward, ú6wa interit convenient sooner. >> we have enough laws and ordinances in the book to arrest all these people as soon as they start violating some of
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these ordinances and not to allow them to escalate. >> if we can make sure there is a price to ç we have seen, certainly we ought to make them pay that price. >> larry reid said the city needs to get creative so protesters who commit those crimes no longer face a slap on the wrist. >> you will spend time incarcerated for six months to a year and that will help us to deter the kind of insanity we have seen today and in the past. >> i think we need to be more aggressive around civil penalties and utilizing all aspects of the law to fix this problem. >> reporter: she wanted to issue civil penalties but she and pat shanahan think it is equally as important going
8:33 pm
forward. >> as oaklanders get fed up with total nonsense and counterproductive activity i think it will discourage more people from participating in it. >> reporter: they will have to wait and see whether any of these ideas put forth by the city council are actually acted upon. kron4 news. oakland now hopes restraining orders will prevent another chaotic protest. some of the protesters have been identified as repeat offenders and they have been given restraining orders. they have been able to bar protesters from being near police officers or certain areas of the city depending on each area by a judge. with more than 350 police, oakland police were stretched quite thin as you might imagine and hundreds of other calls were pushed back this is the
8:34 pm
chaos created by protesters. it is the 911 call center and this call center received about 1,700 calls for service. police say about 500 of those calls, all serious in nature had to delay responding to them because officers were too busy dealing with occupied oakland. >> this is an emergency. >> how long the delay was from when the call came into the center and when police were able to respond to the emergency was not revealed. there were five homicides this past weekend, however officials tell kron4 news the delay was long enough to trigger a review and how to prevent delays from the future. this is january in watson. >> any time you have a large group of individuals who are
8:35 pm
illegal activity, it is always a concerns if we are not able to provide any service to our community in a timely fashion so absolutely and that's something that make the department very sensitive so that is why we are looking and creating and changing our strategies as we move forward so we can provide that top quality service. >> kron4 news. the man suspected in a fatal stabbing of a teen-ager is now dead. he hanged himself near the port of oakland on saturday. investigators say he killed his 15-year-old girlfriend on friday. she was the mother of their nine month old child. he got into a heated argument last week about who would care for their baby. two convenience stores have been slapped with a lawsuit. they are calling the markets public nuisances and they are
8:36 pm
seeking to shut them down. here is more. on the corner of levin year operation of surveillance done. >> drug deals were done in the store and there were uncover narcotic -- undercover narcotic officers and at one point the store owner vouched for the undercover officers to make the sales. >> they claim it was stolen from a nearby wall greens. a worker said nothing like that goes on inside the store. >> they said only publicity. >> they people understood 24 hours. they don't know what they are doing and now it is may be just for us.
8:37 pm
>> the city filed lawsuits in order to shut down the two businesses for one year and they are seeking tens of thousands of dollars in fines and this comes after numerous complaints khen=kúv"lí0ú?,"yyj@ >> we are not going to tolerate businesses that are taking advantage of vulnerable communities and they have to get that message loud and clear and this will send it to them. >> reporter: officers in the alleged activity are in the works. kron4 news. morgan hill police says a strong of daytime burglaries, he is now behind bars. he turned himself in after police offered a reward for his capture. torres is suspected of committing several burglaries over the past month. according to police he lives a half mile away. they zeroed in on him after his finger prints were found at the scene of one of the robberies. >> it is the mo we had was the
8:38 pm
suspect would knock on the front door and wait for somebody to answer the door and make aruse he was there looking for a dr. or something similar and if that didn't hope, he would go to the size of the house to gain entry through an open window or prior open window. >> he made off with thousands of dollars worth of electronics. they stepped up security and credited media attention for increasing pressure on torres to turn himself in. it is slightly more mild conditions expected overnight and the clouds are rolling overhead. temperatures are mainly in the 40s, 43 in oakland, 39 in fairfield and we'll see a 30- degree reading in los gatos.
8:39 pm
it is mainly 58 and los gatos only 53 in half-moon bay and 53 in oakland. san francisco 55 and 57 in nasa but we are going to see warmer conditions throughout the workweek and i will have the details coming up. a candle light vigil for a young girl, eileen was 13 years old at the time when she disappeared from dublin.
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disappearance. coming up, you heard of people living next to the freeway, you have even heard of people living under the freeway, but i bet you have never seen people living inside the freeway. of people behaving badly. ♪
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. here is a kron4 news tracker, four cars have been stolen and the theft is happening right around interstate 580 i
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. this man is actually living inside the 280 freeway, yes you heard me, inside the 280 freeway in san francisco.
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in fact you may have driven over him numerous times, but he is not the only one. >> come on out. >> this man is living inside not alone. he is living there with his dog. believe it or not, there may be more than 50 such locations in san francisco alone but if you are like me, you want to see what is inside. first of all, most of them are dark, cold and have a strong odor of mildew but many of them have whatever they can get inside. how did you get the mattress up inside? >> i tied it up with a rope real tight. >> this one is inside 280 and has a poster of scar face. and it has pantry and shelfing way in the back. at some time people have tapped
8:47 pm
into the electricity to get electric but the state cut the power off. you may say well, at least they have a home and the fact is, this is state property and the people living here are doing so illegally. they pried open a barrier of ridges and a special unit of california highway patrol called state security patrol, allowed me unprecedented access to this area and trust me i have more things to show you in more coming up in people bjrd33í well take a look at our current conditions, temperatures have not budged for several hours. half-moon bay we are overcast, we are in the lower 50s and dipping into the 40s in other areas and temperatures will be
8:48 pm
mild overnight because of the cloud cover that will be rolling in. we are expecting clouds and fog through the overnight hours. mainly in the lower 40s and tomorrow afternoon we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures will be cooler. we will still have cloud cover tuesday night and this is a couple of storms nearing the bay area. it will stay cooler into the weekend and plenty of sunshine in the mid-to-upper 60s. good evening everybody, the raiders introduced their new coach today. >> please introduce his new guy, and the new head coach, dennis allen. >> there you go, al davis' son marked it and as always, reggie mackenzie was the guy we targeted and he was the number
8:49 pm
one candidate and comes from the denver broncos where he was the defensive coordinate. you look at his run -- defensive coordinator. if you look at his rundown, you can see golden, the idea, get a young guy who is hungry and the rest becomes history. the new head coach of the raiders, dennis, have you ever talked so much about yourself in one day? >> i don't know you would have to ask my wife. i don't think so. >> what was it reggie mackenzie saw in you that made him pull the trigger and give you the job? >> i think it has to do with my passion for the job my passion for football and my passion for coaching. i love what i am doing and i got real passion for it. >> at 8 / 39 were you looking for a head coaching job?
8:50 pm
>> no, i have always taken the notion, i will do the best i can do and i hope people take notice and i get other opportunities. >> i know you said you are not worried about what happened before but for the record, they all had loosing records and the previous coach jackson went 8 and 8. what do you think they can do that -- you can do that they didn't? >> well i plan oncoming in and implementing my system, my way of doing things, the cut to your i a want to be part of and run the team that way. i can't speak of what they did and i don't know how they did it, i just know i had an opportunity to be successful in doing it the way i have been able to do it over the last few years. >> everybody will ask you about this but all the penalties, except for the record last year, you were a young guy, how
8:51 pm
do you get set in richard see more's face and say no penalties. >> well i think it comes in preaching the same message over and over. we have to cut back on the penalties and preach the same message and be consistent with it and just like anything else, richard and i will develop a relationship and i will find out what motivates him and how we get him to play the game to the best of his ability and that's at the end of the day what we are trying to get done. >> last one, on a beautiful note, you had a your family with you today, have you seen the housing crisis in the bay area? >> well my wife had a chance to look around yesterday and i tell you, i am committed to vum!ñ?pebt(éuim÷dd
8:52 pm
>> and don't worry about it, you can afford whatever you want. good luck to you didn't miss. >> take care. >> he seems like a nice enough guy and he has a four-year contract and why previous head coaches only got two years. so there goes dennis allan, the new coach of the raiders. it slipped super bowl coming sunday and of course giants left today and boy i tell you if you listen to a lot >ufoxug like i do, espn shows and talk radio and the giants, they had to go to overtime -ák2juz
8:53 pm
an hour and the winds died down. nobody was injured and there was the excitement. when we return, a popular san francisco giant retires.
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. pat buehrel just can't get over a foot injury which has
8:56 pm
nagged him for a couple of years so pat buehrel has retired with 292 career home runs. billy bean went into another direction, went to texas has taken the back to back world series and none the less, nolan ryan thought enough to give him a two year extension. another contract in texas and andre ward, he has been voted 2011 fighter of the year by the boxing writers association of america and winning the award he will receive the sugar ray robinson trophy and you young folks may be pound for pound, the great of the of all time and mike tyson has an owner in his own right. the world wrestling owner said he would be inducted into the hall of fame. i don't know what he did to get
8:57 pm
into a couple of fights but you are bound to get into publicity. >> good night everybody. we will be back at 11:00.
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